FAMILY HISTORY RESEARCH 30+ years experience.


I am Derbyshire based, but can start in any county.

Family history is so popular now and many people are fascinated by the prospect of discovering more about their family origins.

If you haven't the time or opportunity to do your own research, live too far away or just require help, please read on.

You will be amazed at what I could find for you!

Perhaps you have already found certificates and census entries? If not that would be where I would start for you.

Next steps --there is a huge range of different original records available in Derbyshire and surrounding counties which may enable us to find out a great deal about their lives.

Sometimes we can identify a specific house and even view a snapshot of their lives in their wills and inventories,which list all the goods they owned at their deaths. We may also be able to find details of apprenticeships, occupations, careers and businesses.

Estate records may show rents paid for specific plots of land to the local great landowner. Newspapers and court records may add fascinating details of brushes with the law or unusual events.

It is these records which bring your ancestors to life,sometimes providing real insights into their characters and lifestyles.