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FAMILY HISTORY RESEARCH 40+ years experience.

Thank you so much for the work you have done so far. I thought I was fairly good at it, but now I see how a professional works, I am duly humbled!

CS Suffolk UK

January 2012 

"I'm delighted with the report that Kate has prepared, taking my family back to the mid-eighteenth century (though she didn't discover any nobility). I was only able to provide fairly minimal information to start with but Kate has obviously worked with diligence and a meticulous attention to detail to unmask my forebears".

J.Lawson Newcastle Upon Tyne UK

February 2012

"Kate - my grateful thanks for your work on my Derbyshire forebears. Your fast, efficient and very friendly service was much appreciated - particularly your in-depth consideration of my own efforts! The information and background provided from your research has inspired me anew!! And the hand-drawn chart just makes it so much more personal. Thanks again

.Bill Briddock Hove East Sussex

17 Feb 2012

"Very many thanks for that wonderfully detailed set of documents that arrived yesterday morning. You must have worked incredibly hard to find so much information and you sounded as enthusiastic about it as if it were your own family.....Once again many thanks for all your efforts and I am sure that D will be as thrilled as I am to know so much more about her" D" forbears. Especially as she seems to be connected to a most amazing family."

B Ainsworth Bognor Regis UK

4th March 2012 

"I am an experienced researcher myself....I asked Kate to obtain records in relation to an application I was making to English Heritage for listed building status for a private house in Bolsover which has historical merit. Kate was able to find land ownership and biographical information about the owner of the house....providing copies and photographs of original documents.When records were too fragile to copy she helpfully drew sketches.....she visited another record office outside her usual scope,keeping costs reasonable and affordable. Along the way she suggested other sources which could help and which I have never tried before eg tithe maps.Very thorough and meticulous. I have no hesitation in recommending Kate."

Wendy Stevenson London

18 August 2012 

"Thank you so much for your letter enclosing the very detailed and specific source references, outlining in such detail the research you have done for me. I know from my own experience what all this must have entailed and I have pleasure in enclosing my cheque."S.L.Ilkeston, Derbyshire.10 Sept. 2012

" Thank you for the research received recently. We appreciate your good work." 26th March 2013

"I have just carefully reviewed your 20+ pages of research on these families. You have done an excellent job. I will have you work on these from now on. Thank you for being so thorough and carefully reading the difficult parish registers. We could never have accomplished this here. Thank you very much! " 18th May 2013 Richard W. Price MA, AG

Price&Associates Ltd USA 

".... your local knowledge of the Methodist chapels has now made the definite link for me, and your comments on their possible walks to the different chapels really brings the family to life!........ I should also like to add that I am grateful to you for your attention to detail and the very friendly service you offer. "

E COX. Worthing,West Sussex.

May 2013

"Am thrilled with the work you've done so far....I'm glad I have found you as I think you are very good value for money and will probably use you again and again as I live in London.........I have been very pleased and impressed with your services".

T Patti London

September 2013 

"Having challenged Kate to work on a SMITH family I have been very pleased with the thoroughness of her research. She has completed the usual parish register searches efficiently and has gone on to introduce me to several unusual sources, including Tithe Maps and local family pedigree charts from 19th Century oral history

She has approached my request for names, dates, specific locations of land holdings and lifestyle information from different angles.For other lines she has discovered Wills and Inventories for several generations back to the 16th century . I am now really enjoying learning fascinating details about their homes and personal relationships.I shall be asking her to continue research on other family branches soon."

J Pomfret Derbyshire

October 2013 My work for Mrs Pomfret has continued into 2019.

" Thank you for your research which always proves to be helpful."


November 2013 

"I included a little extra to cover( Paypal) fees and to give you a bonus for a job well-done. Upon first pass through it looks to be exactly what I was looking for."

AP Katy, Texas USA

January 2014

"I had been doing my own family research for 18 months and after initial online research had progressed to visiting record offices followed by the national archives etc, but had become totally stuck on a particular ancestor (around 1690). I contacted Kate and we met at Derbyshire record office a place I had visited many times. As I showed her what I had found, she started to suggest records I could consult which I had never realised existed. We talked through the lines of enquiry I had been following and suddenly I saw the whole thing in a completely new light. She was able to breathe life into the people and the lives they lead and I was very happy when I discovered a source which gave me lots of information about the life of the relative in question, even though it was so long ago! She is an extremely nice, helpful and very professional person with a vast experience in this field. I would recommend her to anyone who either needs some guidance in finding their ancestors or who has a more complicated problem on which they have become stuck."

June Bird Suffolk UK

1 April 2014  

"For a researcher in my situation - with a serious historical purpose but limited knowledge of Derbyshire local records and no chance to visit in person - it is invaluable to be able to consult someone with Kate's expertise and wide experience of the relevant source material. I have found her to be very efficient, reliable and pleasant to deal with, and look forward to our continuing collaboration."

Dr F. H. Willmoth, Jesus College, Cambridge

June 2014 My work for Dr Willmoth has continued into 2018.

"Many thanks for the report on my Derbyshire ancestors. You did a terrific job. It was nice to see real knowledge about 19thC and 18thC records combined with hard work and detailed analysis. I had not realised that such a wealth of information was there to be tapped. You also clearly studied the material and gave me many helpful ideas about future avenues to be explored. I look forward to be able to expand the field of search in the future."

David Street Illinois USA

October 2014 My work for David has continued into 2018.

"Thanks very much for sending your is really helpful....The report was really clear and I very much appreciated the extra background you provided about the history of Derby....Thanks again for all your help."


January 2015

" In preparation for a visit to UK from Australia, I asked Kate to research my ancestors and provide me with some “ places to visit “ based on my family’s history. Kate managed to fit my request into her schedule, and I received a package comprising a detailed family tree ( going back 2 generations earlier than my research had revealed ), some very interesting historical records from the early 1700’s and an aerial map of Tideswell, Derbyshire that noted places of significance to my family. I would be pleased to recommend Kate to anyone needing help in researching genealogical records, the documents provided were thorough, informative and timely."

Jeff Hibbert Melbourne Australia

March 2015

"Very many thanks for all your hard work and effort....I have found it to be a fascinating read....October 2015"Once again, many thanks for the documents containing more of my family history. ...You have sent me yet another fascinating insight into my ancestors. The sheer hard work and determination that you apply to the task in hand is very evident in your success. I very much appreciate the painstaking hours your efforts have consumed leaving no stone unturned in your attempts to get results and to build a picture that's full of interest and amazement- a real eye opener from start to finish."

Philip Wheeldon. Leicestershire

January 2016

I am absolutely thrilled with the research you have carried out for me. I never expected you to provide so much detail - copies of original documents including maps, land tax assessments, origins of various ancestors etc etc. I now not only have a feel for those who have gone before but I have a feel for the land they worked, the crops they grew, the animals they reared, the smallholdings they lived in. It is truly fascinating and very, very exciting.

Thank you so much Kate.

Lady H Buckinghamshire

May 2016

"Kate has been undertaking research for me for four months and I look forward to her continuing this for as long as possible. She has provided clear notes of her working, with explanations, pedigree charts and information to increase my understanding. The experience has opened doors for me into what were the unknown lines of my ancestors and given me a satisfying feeling of being part of a creative process.

I am very grateful to Kate for providing this new enlightening aspect of life."

A Dean Hull

December 2016 My work for A Dean has continued into 2018

"I would like to recommend Kate. The work she did for me was detailed and extensive and it has given me a lot to think about. I am a satisfied customer and hope to give Kate more work."

J S Reid


July 2017 My work for Mr Reid is continuing into 2019.

"Dear Kate,

I am glad I found your advert in the Family Tree magazine. Your research has been more than helpful with the information you have provided and the corrections you have made to my own and Neil’s research.

Thank you again for your clear presentation of my family history in Derbyshire and the help and advice you have given me."

D Peat.


5th Oct 2017

"Dear Kate,

It certainly has been interesting to go back and see how far the family went back.You have done a wonderful job and it has been good to finally lay to rest this side of the family history---very comprehensive and studied.

Best wishes , thank you again, and if I know of anyone doing their family history in Derbyshire I will certainly pass them on to you."

N Wheatcroft


17th Nov 2017

"If like me ,you have spent hours researching for my (Irish) ancestors--not an easy task with my common surname! then I can thoroughly recommend using Kate's services.

Kate's professional and quick results have helped me push on.Her thorough notes clarified and added to my family history.

Thank you very much Kate.

Sue O'Brien


5th April 2019

"I started researching my fiance's family tree--a surprise present for his birthday,when I ran into a bit of a block 4 generations back. There was a strong family tradition of either being stone workers or farmers in Derbyshire and adjacent counties. On discussing the issues with Kate, I gave her what sparse information I had and she was able to sort out the facts from the fiction and explain her workings.

Kate has a very professional approach, is dedicated to the task in hand, determined and thorough in following leads and possible avenues to "prove" the facts.She also helped me to identify the next steps and laid out a good onward plan. I was very satisfied with her work. She is also friendly and approachable to work with."



16th April 2019

"Kate embraced a difficult family research brief with humour.  She exhausted all the available records to a tight budget and we are confident she covered all the sources.  I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wants to properly research their family history."

George Woodruff.


28th August 2019

"I've have been researching my family ancestry for a number of years and finished up in Derbyshire 1619, needing help. Kate Henderson has provided this. She first examined my research findings and confirmed my key ancestor's sister and father from the local parish records. She has explained why my selection of his wife was unlikely. By painstaking examination of the original, poorly preserved, parish records (c. 1600) she has found an undiscovered older brother. Particularly useful was her investigation into legal, probate and background family information. Obviously her qualification in history and local knowledge has helped. Thanks Kate."

Carey Thornhill


6th September 2019

"I am writing a book about an 18th Century entrepreneur from Ashbourne who had my surname and I asked Kate to see if we are related. Although she had many other commitments and Coronavirus was about to cause the closure of the Derbyshire Record Office, she produced a sterling investigation, which has given me much food for thought about the lineage of my own ancestors. In addition she has provided me with some very useful information about life in 18th Century Ashbourne, which I will be able to incorporate into my book. I have been very impressed with Kate's professionalism and would not hesitate to use her services again.

Mike Etches, Wallington, Surrey

 9th April 2020

"Kate is a genealogist of long experience who has vision to see navigation of possible sources outside the customary Birth,Marriages and Deaths.She will find for you many other resources from archives, court papers,wills,taxation records as well as further recourse to Church records in the hands of diocese and Archdiocese. If you want a Rolls Royce investigation into your forbears from resources you did not know were available, she is the Professional who will do it.

She will put together putative family links using experience and send you copies of the information she has found. She may turn up stories of your families' disputes, now long forgotten, or shed light on family wealth  and loss alike. You may want to  know where your family come from , which people they met and married what became of their children. She will discover your own exciting story."

Bill Glossop  


Client of over 20 years.

3rd May 2020


"Many thanks for the papers which arrived this morning. I am very impressed by the thoroughness of your searches and the explanations of the rationale behind the various steps of the investigation. I had some searches in Scotland carried out for me on their holdings, and they are in no way comparable.

I enclose my cheque with many thanks--you have solved something which has been niggling me for many years."

V L 


1st July 2020

Many thanks for your report ,which arrived today and is causing even more excitement than the first. We are both delighted and P has been telling her sisters all about your splendid research. It blows the dust off a hazy knowledge of her family past. As you know we are both very impressed with your scholarly approach and diligent pursuit of the task.

T and P Taylor


18 April 2021

"Many thanks for your latest report and particularly the patents relating to improved ground glass stoppers. This clears up much family mythology and explains the family wealth, due presumably to royalties......your magnificent work to date has answered many questions and given P a great deal of pleasure, keeping her absorbed for hours....thank you again for your superb and tenacious work for us.

T and P Taylor


24th May 2021

Thank you for your latest report. I always look forward to your reports--it's like time travelling into the past!

Many thanks

J.S Reid


June 2021

" I am so very grateful and full of admiration for the interest and care that Kate took in dealing with our quest. After many failed attempts by me, I provided her with very limited details of an Oxford family who I met in 1960 and asked that she try to name any relatives who might still be alive.

She was a delight to deal with and interested in our story and with her great expertise and professionalism she knew exactly the  routes to take.

The result was that she did discover at least four  great grandchildren, who we will now try to locate ourselves.

She sent us regular updates and the details of the many routes she took in her investigations. All meticulously recorded.

Her charges were totally reasonable and together we discussed the next step for her to pursue and so always felt in control of our expenditure.

Our many thanks to her.


Sturminster Newton 


9 July 2021